7 Tips for Planning A Summer Wedding in Texas

May 14, 2018

DeGoyler | Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

DeGoyler | Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Summers in the South can be a lively and vibrant time for anyone willing to brace the sweltering heat. Longer days and clear nights make for the perfect setting for a festive occasion.


One of the biggest obstacles you’ll face when planning a summer wedding is the temperature. You and your guests will need to be as cool and comfortable as possible to enjoy the day. Here are some tips for beating the blazing sun and keeping guests happy….


1. Protection From the Sun

         In theory, outdoor weddings look and sound ideal, but without the right defenses set in place it can quickly turn into an uncomfortable affair. Tenting is a safe bet for deflecting the sun as long as it’s not clear, clear tents will have a greenhouse effect and intensify the heat. Keep in mind that tents are an added cost and typically require a city permit. Choosing a venue that offers both indoor/outdoor options are always best.


2. Plan Accordingly

         Let’s say you’re having an outdoor garden wedding, when making your timeline make sure you plan around the hottest parts of the day. You don’t want to take pictures at 5pm in August because you and your wedding party will be sweaty and uncomfortable. In general try to avoid anything outdoors between noon and early evening. Besides when chatting with Karris over at Pharris Photography the other day she reminded us that your wedding pictures look best when taken right before sunset! Who doesn’t want gorgeous outdoor pics!


3. Dress Code

         When selecting your wedding dress make sure you consider how it breathes. You don’t want something hot and heavy if you’re having an outdoor reception, no one likes a smelly or sweaty bride!  Make sure you choose a dress that is ideal for warm weather (if outdoors) and lots of moving around (if planning to dance in your ceremony dress). The same idea goes for the wedding party and guests. Don’t choose bridesmaids dresses and tuxes that will be uncomfortable, and guest dress code should be simple. You won’t want your guest to leave earlier than you anticipated because they feel stuffy in their overly formal attire. Summer is supposed to be a more carefree time of year anyways.


4. Foods and Drink

         Consider offering lighter styles of food and drink for the reception and cocktail hour. Instead of heavy cocktails try offering something refreshing like mojitos, mimosas, or margaritas. Also try to avoid foods that will begin to melt over time like cheese and chocolate. Don’t forget to provide plenty of cool water for your guests throughout the day and also for your vendors. Setting everything up in hot weather can be very tiring and a simple gesture of serving cold water will make a great impression on everyone.


5. Make Your Guests as Relaxed as Possible

Taking the extra time to provide simple additions to your wedding will really make a good impression on your guests. Think about handing out fans, umbrellas, or cold hand towels to keep your guests refreshed throughout the evening (I LOVE when I travel to Mexico and we are greeted with a cool washcloth).


6. Keep it Bright and Colorful

Summer is the perfect time to really get creative with your wedding design. Pops of color are great to keep the party lively and fun. Transparent curtains are also a great way to decorate around a big space that you’re trying to shrink down. Try adding colorful rugs, balloons, and linens to make the reception eye catching and picture perfect.


7. Have fun!

         Since summer and fun go hand-in-hand, try to think outside the box and your guests will appreciate it. At the end of the night have an ice cream truck or cart come by and give your guests a sweet treat to satisfy their sweet tooth and cool off. It might get a little sticky though! So make sure you have napkins, or better yet, moist towels, to assist with cleanup.




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