Hi, I’m Christy, I love things clean and classic. I believe your wedding deserves to be as epic as your love story.

I founded Swank Soiree in 2004 and love everything about weddings. I love the very thought of loving someone else so deeply that you can’t see living life without them in it. I love the private moments I get to witness between a father and son when Dad is beyond proud of the man he raised. I love that I get close enough that I’ve shared tears with a bride who said: “I didn’t think this would ever happen for me”. I’m honored that as a married woman I am able to share wisdom as a wife; and support my couples not just through planning but in the marriage that follows.


Seasoned Wedding Planner Christy Record - Owner of Swank Soirée, an award-winning, published planning boutique in Dallas.

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In 2020 my husband, Alfred and I teamed up to create a marriage based podcast called After The Aisle. Go have a listen!

I co-host a marriage podcast

Yup. I made that escort board to the right. I hope you’re impressed, BE IMPRESSED.

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Fun fact, it’s not only my anniversary month but my birthday too, so we spend it traveling.

We rarely accept weddings in July

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I am a supporter of MARRIAGE first.

 And look at weddings as a celebration of the covenant our couples take when they say I Do. I honor the couples who choose me, pray for their marriage, and help to plan the most magnificent wedding experience.

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